Marilyn’s Bakery, est. 1986, is a family-run business located on Johnson’s Farm Produce, a 5th generation farm. We are passionate bakers and chefs, utilizing in-season and local ingredients to create the highest quality sweet and savory treats.

A Unique Homemade Tradition

When Aunt Carol Brenn decided to get rid of her bakery equipment in 1986, Marilyn (Johnson) Pearson decided to try it out in a small workspace at Johnson's Farm Produce. Marilyn's Bakery took off! Fueled by local love and the help of the Johnson family, our business continues to grow.  Today, Marilyn’s daughter Barbara, son-in-law Robert, and the bakery crew produce almost 70,000 pies a year. The tradition of a true family business continues.

This Northwest Indiana bakery is still dedicated to serving both our neighborhood and our world. Since Mom opened the bakery doors for the first time, we've been obsessed with quality, homemade baked goods. 

Let our family tradition be part of your family tradition with wedding cakes, baby shower caterings, birthday celebrations, funeral dinners, and holiday pie.

Local Ingredients

Five generations of farmers instill a certain culture: eat what is in-season that you have grown, store for the winter, or don’t eat. Well, modern technology has helped us with that, but we continue to hold the same concepts about food. We eat in-season, local foods. Local food is fresher and tastes better. It keeps us in touch with the seasons, supports local farm families, strengthens the local economy, builds a stronger community, and is better for the environment. 

We source our ingredients first from the family farm, then from the area, and mostly within 100 miles. We are committed to using only locally raised meats from small farmers. Taste the difference of fresh, minimally processed food. Food should be great!

It all started with Grandma Johnson. She grew all kinds of veggies in her giant garden and often sold her tomatoes to the local farm stand. One day she was told the tomato market was down, and instead of getting paid less, Grandma went home and made a stand of her own: Johnson's Farm Produce. Today, Rod and Jennifer Johnson are the 3rd generation to operate the business. They've added their own unique flair to the business: flowers and strawberries. They carry on the same drive for quality and family that Grandma did, and we are always honored to support them in our baking and cooking at Marilyn's Bakery, through pies or otherwise.

Some of our other local food vendors include: