Pie Fundraisers

A great way to earn money for your organization, give your friends and family something worth purchasing, and support local businesses. 

As a family-owned business that uses local food (when available), we really love supporting the community. If you're in search of a convenient and appealing fundraiser, we're here to help.

Marilyn’s will provide our delicious, homemade pies at our special rate of $8.75 - $11  per large 9" pie. We have added pricing tiers to offer more options. Then, you and your  organization can resell the pies at your own desired price  (suggested retail price $15-$18). You control the profits while supporting a local independent business. 

Our pies are made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible, just like Grandma used to do. We now use only Indiana Blueberries and will continue to add exclusively local fruits. We do not use artificial flavors, lard, or preservatives. 

We typically run fundraisers a few weeks before Easter and Thanksgiving, but if you're interested in using our pies for your fundraiser during another part of the year, we'd love to accomodate your needs. Get in touch!

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Pie Flavors

Pies will be provided unbaked for convenience and freshness, and need to be frozen or baked within 4 hours. We package the pies with baking instructions so you can enjoy fresh homemade pie at your convenience.  This year we are offering the option of baked pies for an upcharge. We don't recommend freezing the pies already baked, but for some flavors it works.  All flavors are in standard double crust (bottom and top) or crumb topping-a delicious mixture of brown sugar, flour, pecans.  

  • Apple - Three varieties of Michigan apples create a perfect combination of sweet, tart, soft and crunchy with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Cherry - Tart Michigan cherries are enhanced with touch of almond extract.

  • Blueberry - We source only Indiana local blueberries for our pies. Enjoy a taste of summer all year long.

  • Pumpkin - A traditional fall favorite, perfectly spiced. This is ready to eat or freeze. Order with or without whipped topping.

  • Strawberry Rhubarb - Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb make this a delicious combination and a store favorite.

  • French Silk - This is a rich and sinful chocolate treat topped with a non-dairy whipped topping.. Real butter makes ours stand alone. Ready to eat or freeze.

  • Very Berry - Sustainable Table’s Pie Across America tour voted this pie best East of the Mississippi. You’ll see why as it is packed with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and red raspberries.

  • Pecan - This is a traditional pecan filling and chopped pecans. Ready to eat or freeze.

  • Sugar Free (made with Splenda): We use the same combination of fruit and substitute splenda for sugar. Available in Apple or Cherry.


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