8" Cake


8" Cake

from 20.00
  • Lemon Torte - lemon cake with lemon curd and whip topping

  • Mandarin Orange - mandarin orange cake with pineapple whipped topping

  • Chocolate Lover's - chocolate cake with french silk mousse and chocolate ganache

  • German Chocolate - german chocolate cake with coconut-pecan frosting

  • Chocolate with Traditional Buttercream - chocolate cake with tinted traditional buttercream decorated for Thanksgiving

  • Carrot Cake - carrot cake with pecans and cream cheese frosting decorated for fall

  • Marble Fudge Cake - marble cake with fudge frosting and whipped topping

  • White with Raspberry Jam and Buttercream - White cake with raspberry jam and swiss buttercream decorated for Thanksgiving

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