Our pies available for fundraising


Apple, Apple Crumb
Cherry, Cherry Crumb
Indiana Blueberry, Indiana Blueberry Crumb
Strawberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb
French Silk
Sugar Free (made with Splenda) Apple, Cherry

Very Berry and Pecan available for additional price.

As a family run business we are dedicated to serving both our neighborhood and our world by supporting the local economy and environment. Since 1986, Marilyn's Bakery has provided Northwest Indiana with quality homemade baked goods focusing on seasonal items made with locally-grown, farm fresh produce. Grandma made pie for Sunday dinner. Now we make Grandma's pie the same way - from scratch. We do not use artificial flavors, lard or preservatives.

By partaking in the Marilyn’s bakery fundraiser, you will have access to an array of pies including fruit pies and cold pies like French silk and pumpkin. Your organization will be able to sell these beloved pies for all of your friends and family to enjoy. The pies will be frozen and unbaked for convenience and freshness, and will come with baking/ thawing instructions.

Marilyn’s will provide these pies at our special rate of $9.50 per pie to be resold by your organization at your own desired price. We suggest reselling pies for $15. This presents a unique opportunity to control profitability while supporting a local business and farm in the community.

We typically offer our fundraisers a couple weeks before Easter and Thanksgiving. If you are interested in using our fundraiser during a different time of year, please contact us as we would love to accommodate for your needs. 

Interested? Contact us! or (219)962-BAKE